Logo Lorraine Business Consulting s.r.l.


As a "boutique management consulting" firm, Lorraine B.C. is filling a "niche de marché", dedicating its services mainly to the gaming industry.

Featuring high levels of expertise and versatility, our firm managed to attract key clients very soon. Gradually, as demanded, we have been expanding our performance areas, providing our consulting services to other industries like retail, real estate, tourism & transportation, I.T.

Our mission is to aid our clients compete effectively within their industry, by working along them to define, precisely, where to invest and how to exploit their assets and efficiency. We are proud to win much of our work from recommendations and from our clients' strength and reputation.

Although tagged as a "small business", by international standards and maintaining a low profile, Lorraine Business Consulting has been appreciated by its clients and defined by its distinctiveness, visionary and unconventional strategies and the differences of its bespoke approach to all clients, no matter their size.

Appreciating the recognition received from our clients, we have, in turn, got involved in various pro bono projects, supporting start-up companies and encouraging students to develop their management consulting skills.